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Two next generation members tell Samantha de Baca about how they define their philanthropic missions and how they select charities for their family foundations

The economic turmoil is bad news for philanthropy. Michael Fischer explores what next gens need to know about giving when everyone is tightening their belts, and looks at how to get the maximum bang for your buck…

Philanthropy courses for next generation members are growing in number as demand for knowledge in how to give effectively continues to rise. Marc Smith meets two twenty-somethings to find out what is driving them to make a difference…

There are not many opportunities afforded by the turmoil in the financial world, and it can be difficult to look beyond retrenchment across the board. However, it is a prescient time to look again at what your philanthropy is doing.

When is a tube of lipstick just a tube of lipstick, and when is it a tour de force? When it’s a MAC Viva Glam. One cosmetic giant challenges family offices to go the extra mile with their philanthropy

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