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  • Families in Business chaired a roundtable meeting at the Families in Business real estate conference in London to discuss the current state of global real estate – how, where and when to achieve maximum returns

  • Autumn is usually the time when new trends come to the fore – think of fashion weeks the world over – but how can you ensure that your business benefits from them? Learning the art of trend spotting is one way to keep your business ahead of the game …

  • Despite its recent high profile, many investors are still ignorant about socially responsible investing and how it can benefit their business. Families in Business talks to Lisa Woll, CEO of the Social Investment Forum, to set the record straight

  • Families in Business held a roundtable meeting at the Families in Business
    conference in Chicago to discuss how family members can prepare, plan and
    execute the sale of the family business and the opportunites they may face afterwards

  • Families in Business chaired a roundtable discussion at Campden’s Family Wealth Management Conference to discuss recent trends and developments in trust laws, and the effect on both family offices and families of wealth

  • Families in Business chaired a roundtable discussion at Campden’s European Family Office Conference to discuss how business families are preparing their next generation to manage the family wealth

  • Families in Business speaks with Khalid Kanoo, founding member of the new Bahrain Family Business Association, about the current issues facing family businesses in Bahrain and why he would like to see more of these businesses going public in the future

  • As an international financial centre, Singapore offers financial institutions a conducive, pro-business environment, cost-competitiveness and a highly-skilled and cosmopolitan labour force. Furthermore, it has long been recognised as one of the best cities for business with a strategic geographical location, at the heart of the rapidly-developing Asian market. So, it seems that doing business in, or with, Singapore is a no-brainer – yet we here very little about the country in comparison with other Asian powerhouses. Families in Business spoke with Erina Han of the Monetary Authority of Singapore to find out what’s on offer in Singapore for family businesses

  • As family businesses shift their emphasis from building businesses to building philanthropic networks, Charles Raymond, managing director and philanthropic adviser for Citigroup’s Global Wealth Management Group tells Families in Business about the new trends

  • Families in Business talks with Gopal Patwardhan, managing partner at Duke Equity Partners, about helping Indian family business grow, and what the future holds for this fast growing economy

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