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Marketing your family business in a war-torn country might sound like a heavy cross to bear, but for Wafa Elnefeidi, third-generation general manager at Sudan’s Elnefeidi Group, the main challenge stems from gender inequality. 

Sumner Redstone’s expected resignation from family media empire Viacom today could unleash a succession battle between its non-family chief executive and his daughter, Shari, who has released a pointed statement about leadership at the company.

The King family has built a family business managing everything from hospitals in Nigeria to a 1,900-seat restaurant at the home of English football. Hertford and Chester King discuss expanding their country club Stoke Park, planning an A-list development, and working with one of China’s biggest entrepreneurs.

Following the sudden death of her philanthropist husband late last year, Kris Tompkins, the US conservationist and former CEO of outdoor clothing brand Patagonia Inc, has begun talks with Chilean government over the donation of a vast nature reserve in southern Chile.

Henkel names new CEO; Reliance issues share to battle Bharti; Family businesses top Edelman trust poll 

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