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Rupert Murdoch, the second-gen head of media empires 21st Century Fox and News Corp, has stepped back as chief executive of the former so his son James can step into the spotlight.

As an eleventh-gen family member and long-time head of the M DuMont Schauberg Group, Alfred Neven DuMont was one of the Germany's most important post-war newspaper publishers.

Oil and shipping billionaire John Fredriksen has appointed a new president to head up his family office, Fredriksen Group.

Australia’s wealthiest woman, Gina Rinehart, has been order by the supreme court to pass control of the family trust to her daughter, ending a four-year feud with two of her children, and loosening her grip on the family firm.

Right from the very dawn of the automobile in the 1800s, the name Maybach has been synonymous with quality engineering and high-end luxury. Now one scion is keeping that name alive in a unique fashion.

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